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Life At Aimviz

Aimviz Annual Meet

At Aimviz, you’re part of a visionary family. Visionaries who are always on the lookout to make a breakthrough and challenge the norms.

With us, you are free to execute your ideas the way you desire. We want you to grow immensely, have unlimited fun, and be 100% satisfied. Sky’s the limit!

Careers at Aimviz

Let’s experience a liberating future together. Are you up for it? Let us know!

We have a variety of career opportunities available in Karachi and New York. Find your niche and apply!

Meet Our Heroes

The ones who make a huge difference, ones who take responsibility, ones who get things done even when things get tough and the ones who take pride in their work. We truly value their efforts and are glad to have all of them as a part of our organization. Their hard work and dedication is the reason why Aimviz is so successful today. Want to be a part of such an inspiring team? Apply now and start making a difference right away!

Perks, and Benefits

Our employees enjoy a whole spectrum of perks and benefits at our organization.This is how it looks.

Your Health and Well Being

Medical Insurance
In-House Gym Facilities
Annual Picnic
Annual 30 leaves.
Company maintained Vehicle.


Safe and Secure environment for females
Recreational Activities
Indoor Sports Facilities
Arcade Games

Your Family and Finances

Maternity Leaves & Coverage
Quarterly Bonus
Annual Bonus
Paternity Leaves
Interest Free loan

Let’s make an impact together!